October 08, 2015
About Feldenkrais® Resources Training Institute Print E-mail

Feldenkrais Resources Training Institute (FRTI) is one of the oldest and most active Feldenkrais training and somatic education organizations in the world. We have sponsored hundreds of seminars and workshops on the Feldenkrais Method®, and are the leading school for the post-graduate training of Feldenkrais Practitioners. The Elizabeth-sit_upFeldenkrais Resources Training Institute is a full-service resource center for both the Feldenkrais community and the general public. We feature a wide selection of Feldenkrais and Somatic education materials as well as sponsoring Feldenkrais Method Professional Training Programs, a clinic for private Functional Integration®, classes and workshops for the public and post-graduate programs for practitioners. FRTI is a partnership of long-time Feldenkrais practitioners David Zemach-Bersin, Elizabeth Beringer and Carol Kress.

FRTI was founded in 1983 as Feldenkrais Resources, which, in addition to trainings, is  the exclusive publisher of Dr. Feldenkrais' extensive audio/visual programs and distributor of books and audio programs by the world's leading Feldenkrais Practitioners. In May of 2008 the Resources educational materials aspect of the business moved to San Diego and we renamed our Berkeley center as the Feldenkrais Resources Training Institute (FRTI). To view our line of educational materials or shop at our online store, go to: Feldenkraisresources.com.

We are located at:
830 Bancroft Way, Suite 112
Berkeley, CA 94710